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Č. D. P. Ltd. Martin is a business and service company. The scope of its activities includes import and export, buying and selling of goods, transport, completing, testing and packaging of compilations and complexes of military technology and subparts thereof.


Č.D.P. Martin is focusing on armored belt and wheel vehicles, trucks a selected paratrooper equipment:

- spare parts for tanks T-72 and T-55, parts for infantry combat vehicles BVP-1,BVP-2, BRDM, BTR and their modifications, parts, components, complexes and special extensions,

- spare parts for the vehicles TATRA, PV3S, UAZ, ZIL, LIAZ, MAN, RENAULT, DAF, MERCEDES, SCANIA and others,

- spare parts for paratrooper equipment as well as the automated mechanisms for opening military parachutes KAP-3P1.

The company has all necessary authorizations by state authorities for trading with military materials on domestic and international markets in form of verifications, permisiions, concessions and licenses.

Č.D.P., s.r.o. Martin employes specialists that work in the area of the production and bussiness with soldiery technology for many years. Long term experience of the production is applied in the bussiness with this technology. All the parts, compositions and units of the soldiery technology are put through expert technical checking, in the case of need, they are setup and for the requiring parameters.


The company, according to the requirements of the customer, assigns testing, trials, special controls, canning of the soldiery material by own resources or by contractual partners. As a part of the company´s services it is assigned service operation, guarantee and after guarantee reparations, revisions and spare parts for the soldiery engineering. We deliver the commodity from the producing or trade organisations by international transportation to the demanding place. The company awards the technology repairation at the producer by taking the broken foods from the customer, mending and returning it to demanding place.

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